Week 25

Your baby is reacting to sound now - and also to touch. Try giving your bump a stroke next time you feel a big kick and see what happens!
To get in some good practice for breastfeeding, the baby is swallowing small amounts of amniotic fluid - and weeing tiny amounts too.
You might find your baby is lulled to sleep when you are active during the day - and then decides to practice some kickboxing at night (usually just when you were hoping to sleep!).

Don't forget!

This is your qualifying week, so you'll need to tell your employer in writing that you are pregnant, and that you intend to take maternity leave. This is essential for claiming statutory maternity pay. You'll also need to enclose the MAT B1 form your midwife gave you.

If your partner wants to take paternity leave, that notification needs to be delivered this week, too. Same-sex partners are eligible for paternity leave, as long as they have been employed for at least 26 weeks.

Heading off on a holiday?

Great idea! If you'll be traveling by plane, though, from this week you'll need to bring along a letter from your GP stating that you are fit to fly. Click here for more information on travelling when pregnant.