Out and about

So, you and your little food explorer are about to embark on your first ‘eating out’ experience. How exciting! You’ll probably be very tempted to pack a bag that’s almost the size of a small suitcase, don’t worry, you aren’t the first and won’t be the last!

Here's our list of helpful things to take out with you:

  • Food that’s easy to carry such as our new HiPP pouches
  • Finger food snacks, ideal for keeping your little one entertained whilst you are eating because they can handle these themselves
  • A bottle, with some drinking water
  • A couple of favourite toys, to distract your little one or drive their attention back to the job in hand rather than what is happening on the next table
  • Another baby-gro (just in case)
  • A spoon and a bowl that’s easy to hold with one hand
  • Baby wipes

Check out the local area

Places like coffee shops are not only great for meeting with other parents and their babies, but many have plenty of room for pushchairs and ramped entrances. Plus, don’t be afraid to ask staff if they could heat your baby’s food up, or provide you with enough hot water in a bowl for warming up a jar or pouch of food.

Choose a good venue

Try to find somewhere you know babies are welcomed, this will help you to relax and not worry about the mess or noise your little one might create.

picnicLearning to eat together

For toddlers, learning to socialise with other children is important. Some already have this opportunity if they go to a nursery or child-minder. But babies at home with their mum or dad (or grandparents) need to mix with other children too. Why not get together with other families for a group picnic? It’s the perfect opportunity for your little one to learn about eating, especially as they watch and mimic other babies enjoying their food.

A handy tip for feeding on the go

Babies have no preconceptions about whether food should be warm or cold. Try getting them used to eating some meals at room temperature, so you can feed them straight from the handy pouch, pot or jar you’ve brought with you; why not have a look at what's available in the HiPP Organic range? Our experts believe food always tastes better warm, so although sometimes it is easier to feed food at room temperature, it is also still important they do get their food warm regularly, you wouldn’t want to eat cold cottage pie would you!

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