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New to the HiPP Organic range

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here at HiPP, we're very excited to announce the arrival of our NEW savoury pouches! Each pouch is bursting with flavour and contains organic rapeseed oil, a natural source of Omega 3 which is essential for healthy growth and development.

savoury pouches

There are 4 delicious varieties to choose from:

The two 100g pouches have a smooth texture so are the perfect introduction to savoury foods.

If your baby is ready to move on to lumps, why not offer one of our two 130g pouches, ideal for growing tummies! Each pouch contains small lumps which are important at this stage to encourage chewing.

The convenient pouch format is light and compact, and comes with a handy re-sealable lid making them perfect for feeding your baby whilst out and about. As an added bonus each pouch contains up to two vegetable portions of your baby’s 5-a-day!

HiPP Organic pouches don't require refrigeration and contain no additives or preservatives. Our savoury pouches are the new additions to our growing pouch range which includes 100% fruit pouches, available in 4 yummy flavours.

What else is new to the HiPP Organic range?

My first yogurt pots (4x50g)

yogurts Suitable from the start of weaning and available in packs of four, each 50g pot is made using real fruit puree and yummy organic yogurt, a natural source of calcium for your little one. There are two delicious flavours to choose from: 'my first raspberry yogurt' and 'my first banana yogurt'. Look out for our mini pots in the baby food aisle.

jarsStage 2 (from 7 months) dessert jars (160g)

Look out for our two brand new fruit desserts, plum & pear pudding and apple & apricot dessert. Both are suitable from 7 months onwards and contain two portions of fruit towards your baby's 5-a-day. Our new fruit desserts contain no added sugar or milk products and are gluten free.

Stage 2 (from 9 months) tray meals (230g)

tray meals Our new stage 2 tray meals contain small lumps so are great for introducing new textures. There are two yummy varieties to choose from: creamy vegetable lasagne and garden vegetable risotto with flaky white fish. For extra convenience you can serve these delicious meals straight from the tray and they can be enjoyed either hot or cold. Each tray meal contains one vegetable portion of your baby's 5-a-day.

Find out more about all of our new arrivals and the rest of the HiPP Organic baby food range.