Changing formula milks

baby girlIf you decide you want to change your baby’s formula milk to a different brand, stage (e.g. from infant to follow on milk) or even if your formula brand launches a new formulation, there are a couple of things to bear in mind:

  • the age of your baby
  • which milk you’re currently using

If your baby has started to be weaned onto solid foods and you want to change the stage of milk they are currently having, the transition from one formula stage to another can be quite quick. Try changing one feed on day one followed by two feeds on day two and so on until all feeds have been changed.

If your baby is still just having milk feeds but you would still like to change their current formula stage, the transition may take a little longer. To start with, switch just one feed on both day one and two, and then switch two feeds on day three and four, and so on.

If you are changing from a different brand, you may want to change one feed every 2-3 days to allow your baby time to adjust to the new formulation.

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