Why choose HiPP Organic follow on milk?

Choosing a formula milk can feel a bit fraught, with lots of options out there. But only our follow on milk combines the best organic ingredients with the most sustainable packaging and production. Learn more about it here: 

Why choose an organic follow on milk?

We think organic really is best, but why should you use organic follow on milk.


We're big on sustainability

Sustainable ingredients, packaging and production: why we’re the easy eco choice.

Follow on milk ingredients

Organic milk + DHA + vitamins and minerals; learn about our great quality ingredients.

But don’t just listen to us, read what our mums think of our products:

"Since moving Hughie onto HiPP Organic follow on milk, he seems a lot happier within his routine" 

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"I choose HiPP Organic as my choice of brand and I'm so glad I did because the transition was made so easily. " 

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"They really care about our little ones and not only meet EU organic standards but exceed them!"

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"We are very passionate about helping to improve the environment, which is another reason why HiPP Organic gets a thumbs up as the best follow on milk!"

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