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HiPP, much more than an organic brand

1. Organic

We guarantee the highest quality ingredients that exceed EU organic standards.

Even the soil from our farms is carefully analysed to detect harmful pollutants, and we carry out tests on every single one of our finished products.

2. Natural

The health of our natural environment is part of everything we do.

Our farms only use natural pest control; we encourage owls to hunt mice, hawks to scare away pigeons and hedgehogs to deal with slugs and snails. Our bats are experts at keeping insects from eating the crops.

3. Quality

Our ingredients are picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure best taste and texture for our baby foods.

In total, we examine the raw materials for over 1,000 contaminants which is much more than EU organic regulations require. The contents of a HiPP Organic baby food jar goes through more than 260 controls.

4. Sustainable

We remain dedicated to sustainability – working with nature and truly caring more about the environment, to keep our farmland rich and fertile for the future.

For over sixty years our family has sought to protect nature, use its valuable resources responsibly and preserve its natural biodiversity.

... so you can be completely confident your baby is getting the highest quality baby food, produced in a sustainable way.