Sustainability requires a way of life and of working that does not overexploit, squander or even ruin the natural resources that form the basis of human life. The concept behind this term was already described hundreds of years ago in forestry. It means a form of exploitation where just as much wood is harvested as can grow in the same amount of time, so the wood will never be totally harvested, but will be able to regenerate and can be used by future generations as well.

Sustainability as a company philosophy

Sustainability means striking the right balance between the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social aspects.

Sustainability in the company’s organisation

Every area of the company has nominated its own responsible sustainability agent who actively works for the development and implementation of these objectives.

People in the focus

For HiPP as a middle-sized family business, responsible and social management are also the foundation for sustainable business activities.


The world-wide loss of biodiversity is alarming. This is also the case with the diversity of plants and animals that have evolved through...

Species-appropriate farming

Species-appropriate keeping and feeding of farm animals are central components of ecological farming.

Sustainable protection of environment and climate

Protection of the climate and the atmosphere is one of the most important tasks of our time. With consistent environmental management, HiPP...

Environmental protection

We have set ourselves ambitious goals for the environment.

Sustainable products secure the future of our children

We make “food for life”. HiPP is an international producer of baby food. As such...

Sustainability reports

Results and goals for the future have been regularly documented in our environmental report since 1995.

Sustainability guidelines

The HiPP group is actively engaged in the preservation of the environment and all creation.