Species-appropriate animal keeping

Compatible with the original behaviour and habitat of the animals.

What characterises species-appropriate animal keeping?

The species-appropriate keeping and feeding of farm animals are central components of ecological farming. The legal regulations are particularly strict: the fodder must come from eco-farms and may not contain any antibiotics, growth promoters or genetically manipulated raw materials. In addition, the breed should be properly chosen, with plenty of space to move, large sheds and enough daylight for animal health.

HiPP employees regularly ensure, directly on site, that all relevant requirements from HiPP for animal protection are complied with. With these comprehensive process controls we are able to guarantee our customers a careful and species-appropriate keeping of animals.

Organic cattle

Cattle and calves live on domestic organic farms and have plenty of space to run around outdoors. That makes them robust and resistant. They are very fit. Prophylactic medicines are strictly prohibited. Our animals are only fed with organic fodder from plants.

Organic pigs

HiPP only uses products from animals proven to have been healthy and well all their lives. The size of the sheds and outdoor area, as well as the number of animal groups, are chosen to suit the needs of the pigs.

Organic poultry

Our organic chickens come from sustainable poultry farms: they can enjoy a free run with sand baths and scratching. They are fed organic food of plant origin. How the animals are kept is monitored by veterinarians and completely documented.