Baby Development at 15 Months Old

Children of this age…

  • Are demonstrating new skills every day
  • May be able to stand up from sitting unaided
  • Will probably be feeding themselves - however messily!
  • Often want to undress themselves - taking off socks is fun!

Your toddler

Your baby isn't such a baby anymore! You'll probably find that the personality traits you notice now will still be there in your son or daughter in 20 years’ time. Make the most of this lovely time with your child - every age has its good points, but only when they are little do you see such rapid change and development.

HiPP Organic - still there for your toddler

Your child is probably now eating many ordinary family foods, but our HiPP Organic recipes can still come in very handy when you need to give your toddler a quick, healthy and satisfying organic mea

3 meals, 2 snacks

Most toddlers will be having three meals a day at this age, plus two snacks. Finger foods are a great snack, and dips are often a big hit with self-reliant toddlers: for instance, try offering rice cakes to dip into one of our HiPP Organic Fruit Pots.

Foods not to give

Toddlers can eat most “grown-up” foods, but there are still a few foods it's best to limit or avoid:

  • Salty adult crisps or snacks still contain way too much sodium for children this age
  • Giving lots of squash or fruit drinks between meals can cause tooth decay
  • Oily fish, such as salmon or sardines, is very good for children - but not every day. Two helpings per week for girls and four for boys is plenty.
  • Whole nuts are still a choking hazard. If your toddler hasn't tried nuts or peanuts yet, check with your GP first if anyone in the family is allergic to these foods.