Baby Development at 12 Months Old

Babies of this age…

  • Are likely standing or ‘cruising’ round the furniture
  • May be walking with hands held or beginning to take a few steps alone
  • Enjoy push-along toys
  • Can recognise familiar people when they come into the room, even before they speak
  • Can point at familiar objects and pick up even tiny things
  • Will respond to their name, and may even say a word or two

Your baby

  • At this age, your baby will almost certainly get a big kick out of a simple box filled with different toys, stacking cups, blocks, soft toys, etc. - many babies just love putting things in the box and emptying them out again!
  • Another great game is to build a tower of blocks or stacking cups and see if your baby can knock it down. (most babies this age can't build with blocks just yet)
  • Roll a ball to your baby and see if he or she can roll it back!

Baby's first birthday

Happy birthday to your baby – and big congratulations to you! You've made it through that first year, and your baby has grown and learnt so much!

Babies' development at a year

By their first birthday, babies have usually trebled their birthweight. The average weight for a one-year-old boy is 10.04kg (22lb) and 9.5kg (around 21lb) for a girl.

Your baby may also have quite a few teeth by now - perhaps even all eight front teeth have come in. (Although, of course, all babies vary, and some may not have any teeth at all yet!) Most children will have all their first (‘primary’) teeth - 10 at the top and 10 at the bottom - by the time they are 2½. Remember to start good habits early and clean your baby’s teeth with a special brush and toothpaste. It's also a good idea to ask your dentist when you should start bringing your baby in for check-ups.

At this age, babies are generally enjoying a wide range of foods. If your little one has difficulty chewing meat, try the organic meat varieties in the HiPP range - they’re just the right consistency for babies and toddlers. Find out more about the foods in HiPP Organic range.

Making travelling easier

At this age, some parents swap their heavyweight buggies and prams for a lightweight stroller so they can get out and about easily. When you're off visiting friends and family, you can just pop some Stage 3 HiPP Organic jars in your bag with a spoon or two; it‘s really easy to just take off the lid and give your baby a healthy, organic meal. Or your baby might enjoy HiPP Organic tray meals (they come in a handy dish, so there's no washing up, either!).

Immunisation time

Be prepared for a few tears – most of which are likely to be yours! When your baby turns one, it will be time for some more immunisations.

It's fine to discuss any concerns that you may have with your doctor or health professional, or to ask for more information or advice if you feel you need it. They'll be able to tell you all about the vaccines and what to do if your baby is unsettled afterward. And remember, it's amazing how well a loving cuddle from mummy (and maybe a special treat for being brave) can soothe the pain!