13-14 weeks old

Babies of this age...

  • Love to play with and suck their hands (as well as anything else they happen to get hold of)
  • When held in a sitting position, they can hold their heads up, and their upper back is almost straight
  • Make more and more noises – like laughing out loud!
  • Will start to reach for toys
  • Are likely to be sleeping around 14-15 hours in 24 - including two or three daytime naps
  • Until they are about four months old, babies' brains (and heads) continue to grow in size

Your baby

  • Your baby is learning all the time - by making sounds or playing with hands or feet, your baby's brain will be busy building vital connections.
  • When you are sitting down, try holding your baby under the arms facing you and gently bounce the baby up and down. This gives the sensation of taking their own weight, which many babies love.

Are you eating well?

As a mum, you are always on the go, but try to make some time for yourself and concentrate on keeping well and healthy.

Magazines and books are full of ideas for quick, healthy meals – look for recipes with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Organic foods

It's a good idea to consider organic foods, too, especially if you're breastfeeding. Organic foods have to meet strict regulations – for instance, no artificial additives or processing chemicals are allowed. They're made from naturally good ingredients grown without chemically synthesised pesticides, nitrates, growth hormones or other unwanted extras. Best of all, they taste good. Find out more about HiPP organic foods here.