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Hi, my name is Helen, I’m the resident nutrition and regulatory Manager here at HiPP. I have over twenty years of experience as a nutrition and regulatory expert, five of which have been within the infant nutrition setting. Before starting my role here at HiPP, I gained a range of experience throughout the food industry and have even worked for a short stint in the NHS. My journey into nutrition started when I was just 12 years old, my mum was referred to a Dietician after becoming ill. It was this experience that made me realise nutrition was the career path that I wanted to follow, I just loved the thought of food and nutrients being so impactful on someone’s health. After completing secondary education I made the decision to study nutrition at the University of Greenwich, where after four years, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. However, I didn’t stop there, I made the decision to continue studying and achieved further Diplomas in Public Health and Sports Nutrition. Besides from nutrition and regulations, I am a mum of one who loves spending my time with friends and family. I aim to bring my nutritional expertise to expecting, new or third or fourth time parents, to help guide you through your little one’s infancy.

Postnatal nutrition

Mum eating with baby on hip

Postpartum | Wellbeing | | Helen Farnsworth

It is important to give the quantity and quality of the foods and drinks you’re consuming some thought to ensure you are receiving all the energy and nutrients you need to produce milk for your baby, and to optimise your own health

What to eat when breastfeeding

Baby touching unknown mothers face

Feeding | | Helen Farnsworth

When breastfeeding it is a good idea to make sure you eat a range of healthy foods to get the nutrients you need to keep your energy up! Our nutritionist has shared her advice when it comes to meal times and snacks.

Fussy eaters

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

I will start by saying that if you have a toddler who is eating very little, rejecting new foods and/or refusing to eat foods that they have happily eaten before, don’t worry, this is quite normal behaviour and you are not alone.

Self feeding

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

Every baby develops at their own pace, with some needing more practice than others before mastering new feeding skills. Read more about introducing your little one to self-feeding, with our nutritionist's advice.