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Laura Thompson is a paediatric sleep consultant working with families and their children from birth to 6 years of age. Her background is in teaching and she studied Primary Education at Canterbury Christ Church University, going on to teach children across Primary age, spending the majority of her career teaching Key Stage One, ages 5-7. After becoming a mother to her son in 2016, Laura experienced the huge detrimental impact sleep deprivation has on the family unit and saw life changing results through working with a sleep consultant to help her son fall asleep independently and throughout the night when he was a year old. In 2018, Laura’s daughter joined their family and with her a whole new set of sleep challenges! Quickly learning that every child’s sleep struggles require an individualised approach Laura was able to support her daughter towards independent, healthy sleep habits too. This journey with her own children sparked an interest in the science of sleep and a passion for supporting other families suffering unnecessary sleep deprivation. In May 2020 Laura became certified with The Sleep Nanny Academy and has been supporting families regain their sleep ever since. Laura supports families by providing bespoke sleep plans and hands on 1:1 support throughout the process via video calls, text and email.

Common baby sleep challenges

Mum holding sleeping baby

Newborn | | Laura Thompson

Sleep challenges are so common that every parent is likely to experience them to some degree, so you are certainly not alone. Our Sleep Expert, Laura, has got some tips to help you navigate them.

Baby and Toddler nap routines

Baby napping in bed with teddy bear

Toddler | | Laura Thompson

Our Sleep Expert, Laura, takes a look at how you can set up successful nap routines for your little one, as well as navigate all the nap transitions you will encounter in their first few years.

Sleep schedules and routine

Baby sleeping next to dad

Newborn | | Laura Thompson

Figuring out your baby’s sleep schedule can feel overwhelming. It’s difficult to know when and how much your baby should be sleeping. In this article, we’re going to look at how much sleep your baby needs at various ages, how you can help them get into good routines, and what might be going wrong if you’re experiencing long-term sleep disruption!

Baby sleep regression

Mum and baby cuddling in bed

Newborn | | Laura Thompson

You may have lots of questions marks around baby sleep regression, such as What is it? When does it happen? Why does it happen? Fear not, we have asked our sleep expert, Laura, to give you the full rundown on all things to do with your little one's sleep regression.

How to fix newborn day and night confusion

Baby yawning

Newborn | | Laura Thompson

Does your baby seem to want to sleep all day and wake all night long? This is very common, but parents need some sleep – so let’s talk about why your newborn seems to have their days and nights in a muddle and how we can help fix your baby’s day and night confusion.

Newborn sleep

Baby sleeping in crib

Newborn | | Laura Thompson

Adjusting to life with a new baby is a huge transition. Throw into that lack of sleep and it can feel really tough. So, let’s talk all things newborn sleep.