Top tips for Christmas during pregnancy

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

By Louise, The Honest Midwife

Decorating the house, tying up last minute things at work, attending parenting classes, growing a tiny human…. Is there anything else anyone would like to add to your “to do list?” Well, yes actually… CHRISTMAS!!

As if there wasn’t already enough to do, you now have to navigate the festive season. Don’t worry ladies, here is our very own Honest Midwife with her top 10 tips for surviving Christmas whilst Pregnant” to help ensure that December remains; “The most wonderful time of the year!”

Tip 1 - Don’t over commit!

This is the one time in your life when friends and relatives will understand and accept a polite decline of their invitation to the 15 mile Fell Walk on Boxing Day. Work out how many nights out you would like this month to work out if you have the capacity to slot in events that you may not be so bothered about!

Tip 2 - Have comfort at the ready

Assuming that you have chosen your party tribe carefully, your fellow revellers are not going to think anything if you enter their bathroom dressed as a princess and come out looking like a Telly Tubby in your comfy onesie! Comfort is key after all those mince-pies so, when dining in friends’ houses, take a little bag of comfy clothes with you. Oh, and don’t forget the slippers!

Tip 3 - Cheat! I dare you!

Usually make the crackers yourself? Wouldn’t dream of serving a shop bought mince-pie? Time to embrace convenience. This year, whilst you are growing your new family member, you can afford to enjoy a little cheating. No-one needs to know that you didn’t actually make the ice sculpture yourself. Pass everything off as your own and sit back, relax and bask in the glory!

Tip 4 - Liven up the lemonade

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to just drink water. There are some really fantastic non-alcoholic drinks on the market nowadays, from Rhubarb Gins to Prosecco. So, join the party ladies and get making those mocktails.

Tip 5 - Time for a sharp exit

Prewarn your partner that mocktails are great but they only take you so far and as the party goes on, so do the participating guests! There is nothing worse than being the only sober person at a party so make sure your plus one knows what the signal is for “time to go!” They will thank you for it in the morning!

Tip 6 - Make some special memories

Whether this is your first baby or an added extra to your clan, the arrival of your gorgeous new baby marks the end of the status quo. This festive season may be the last few weeks of you just being a duet so plan some things to do, just the two of you. Equally if you already have a little one, life for them is also going to change so planning a special day for them to remember will be something you will remember forever.

Tip 7 - Welcome help

You are probably used to running around looking after everyone else but this is definitely a time to sit back and let everyone else do the hard work. Find yourself a comfy spot and put your feet up. Your friends and family will be falling over themselves to look after you and your growing bump. Remember, next Christmas you will probably be running around after the whole clan as they will have descended to spend time with you on your baby’s First Christmas.

Tip 8 - You’re really sorry!

If you get to the day of planned get together and just don’t feel up to it… CANCEL! Your friends won’t thank you for putting added pressure on yourself by struggling through. If you suddenly feel you have over committed yourself or feel warn out, call for a rain-check. People really will understand.

Tip 9 - Fish & Chips?

Investing lots of time in fancy wrapping can be a lovely way to kick of the festive season but, remember, it can get a little uncomfortable crouching in front of the fire with that growing bump in the way. Set up a wrapping station so that you can wrap as you go and, if they can be trusted not to make your lovely gifts look like cod and chips, ask your partner to wrap a gift or two!


It can be very easy to feel reluctant, especially at Christmas, to go to hospital if you are worried about baby’s movements. Maybe you have already been in this week, maybe you have seen reports of poor staffing levels, maybe you just don’t want to bother anyone. Whatever, is driving your reluctance, put it to one side. Getting checked out if you are worried about your baby’s movements is just as important on Christmas Day as it is in the middle of May. “IF IN DOUBT GIVE US A SHOUT”