My Hospital Bag Checklist with @itsadottylittlelife

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We caught up with @itsadottylittlelife to help provide a useful list of items to pack when the time comes to meet your little one for the first time… 

I always get excited when it’s time to pack the hospital bag. It’s like packing your suitcase when you’re going on holiday - it means you’re so close to the end and so close to meeting your precious little baby! 

I have had two experiences of packing a hospital bag, being a mum of two little humans. I would definitely say the second time around I was more brutal with what I took and what I realised I just didn’t need. I recommend packing your bag between 35-37 weeks – I personally packed at 35 weeks. The first time, because I was so excited, and I wanted to be prepared and the second time because I went into labour and had my first at 37 weeks to the day! So, I was expecting something similar the second time around (I had my second at 38 weeks).

I always make two hospital bag lists when I am planning baby bag packing – one for myself (and partner) and one for baby. I usually pack in two separate bags too, this way I am not having to rummage around to find things I need due to them being in their own designated bags. 

Below are the two lists...

My bag

  • Hospital notes/folder – they always ask for these on arrival.
  • Lip balm – This is something I didn’t pack first time around but wish that I had. My lips were so dry after labour and this was such a must have item for me!
  • Toothbrush – I packed this because sometimes an overnight stay is needed after giving birth. I packed a travel one so that it was just ready to go and I didn’t have to think about throwing it in last minute.
  • Toothpaste – Just a small travel sized tube.
  • Nipple cream – This is such a good product to have especially when the baby is learning to latch correctly, I would highly recommend having this with you.
  • Maternity pads – These are a must have – especially for the first week after birth. I just packed a pack of them in my bag as you can never have enough!
  • Breast pads – Essential with the amount of milk that will leak, whether you breastfeed or not – I personally ended up using reusable ones as I found them kinder on the skin and the environment!
  • Shower cream/Shampoo/Conditioner – Both times I was desperate for a shower after labour. It felt so nice to get freshened up and feel a little cleaner. I just popped a few travel products into my bag.
  • Hair bands – Needed to keep your hair out of your face during labour and so that you can shove your hair into plaits after that post-labour shower.
  • Knickers – I’ve packed a packet of some high-rise black knickers for after labour – comfy and practical and a dark colour!
  • Socks – Clean socks for going home are always good – I forgot this the first time around.
  • Nursing bra – I packed some cheap ones in to start with and then invested in some more expensive ones down the line.
  • Going home outfit – I packed a loose-fitting lounge suit. I didn’t want anything tight fitting and you need to be comfy after giving birth.
  • Snacks – This is my non-negotiable item. Jelly babies are my go-to labour snack, every time! I don’t really pack any other snacks other than jelly babies but I would definitely advise something to keep that sugar level up.
  • Labour outfit – I always pack something loose fitting like a nightie, however both times I haven’t ended up using anything other than a sports bra. I would say pack something you wouldn’t mind getting ruined – your favourite silk nightie probably isn’t wise!
  • Pjs – Preferably buttoned front PJs for easy access for checks and feeding. You might not need a hospital stay but it is always wise to be prepared.
  • Slippers – hospital floors are cold and I liked a bit of comfort. I usually pack some non-slip slide on slippers into my bag.
  • Water bottle – Labour is thirsty work and keeping hydrated is so important. I also felt so much comfort in it being my water bottle and not those tiny hospital cups!
  • Phone charger – always handy to have!

My baby’s bag

  • Nappies – I packed a small handful of nappies – they take up quite a bit of space and my partner could have always run out and got more had we needed them.
  • Water wipes – most people advise cotton wool and water but I went straight to water wipes because they are just water tissues.
  • Hats – Just a couple of cute cotton hats to keep their heads warm.
  • Baby grows – I packed two baby grows – long or short depending on the season.
  • Sleepsuits – Again, two newborn sized sleepsuits (I tried to find ones with inbuilt scratch mittens)
  • Muslins – I packed two of these.
  • Blanket – I packed a cellular blanket for the trip home and also for swaddling in the hospital.

Other things to remember to bring to the hospital

  • Car seat/stroller – for the trip home – we drive so we just took the car seat.
  • Change - for parking at the hospital.
  • Camera – I used my phone. These items are obviously what I personally chose to take with me and hospital bags are very much like handbags – personal to you.

However, if you are stuck HIPP Organic have a handy ‘My hospital bag’ checklist that can be used to help!