1st trimester

Ever wondered what's going on inside during your pregnancy? Our pregnancy calendar will give you a detailed ‘week by week’ guide to all the amazing changes that are happening to you - and your baby.

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Week 1 & 2

Pregnancy officially begins on the first day of your last period and lasts around 40 weeks. During these first couple of weeks, your body's still getting ready for what's going to be a very big, important job.

Week 3 & 4

Your baby is still way too tiny to see, and you probably haven't even suspected you're pregnant yet - but he or she is definitely there!

Week 5

You’ve just missed a period and perhaps carried out a pregnancy test - and you’re expecting a baby! Here's what happens during week 5 of your pregnancy.

Week 6

It's early days yet, but your baby's busy growing, and the beginnings of all the major organs are already in place.

Week 7

Feeling queasy? Believe it or not, that's a good sign – it indicates everything's moving ahead as it should on the inside.

Week 8

Your baby is now about 3cm long and weighs about 3g – still tiny, but a whole lot bigger than he or she was a few weeks ago!

Week 9

Your baby's brain is now four times the size it was at 6 weeks. (A clever clog already!) Here's what else is going on in Week 9.

Week 10

A little more pregnant every day. Your baby kicks and moves - though you can’t feel anything just yet. Find out what happens during week 10 of your pregnancy.

Week 11

Any morning sickness you've experienced might start to ease up around now – hooray! Your baby is still tiny, but everything is in place now.

Week 12

You've made it through the first trimester! Now that you're feeling better, you might be ready to get back to your usual exercise – a great idea, as long as you keep a few safety tips in mind.