2nd trimester

Many women find the second trimester to be the most enjoyable part of their pregnancy. You’re big enough to show, but not big enough to have to waddle! Many pregnant women have a wonderful glow, with clear skin and thick, glossy hair. And people tend to be nice to you! Relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

Week 13

Your baby has all his or her muscles, organs, limbs and bones – now all they need to do is finish developing! Here's what happens during week 13 of your pregnancy.

Week 14

This week, your baby starts to make facial expressions, and those tiny kidneys begin producing wee.

Week 15

You may start looking a little more rounded and having the beginnings of a proper bump. On the inside, your baby is practicing “breathing” the amniotic fluid, which will help the lungs develop.

Week 16

Your baby is moving more and more – there may even be some thumb sucking going on! If you've had an ultrasound, you might even know whether you're having a boy or a girl.

Week 17

It’s a magical moment when you first start to feel your baby move – though at first, it feels more like butterflies or bubbles than a baby!

Week 18

By week 18, your baby is aware of sounds from outside, though they're nowhere near as loud as your heartbeat and other body noises.

Week 19

If you ask at your next appointment, your doctor or midwife will probably let you hear your baby’s heartbeat. It's a lot faster than yours – it will sound a bit like a tiny horse-race!

Week 20

Don't look now - you're halfway there! You may find you are becoming a bit forgetful – don't worry, you can blame your hormones.

Week 21

Growth spurt alert! Between week 20 and week 24, your baby will double in weight – and you'll definitely start to feel the difference.

Week 22

Your baby's hard at work on developing eyelids and eyebrows, as well as the tiny buds that will become teeth. Many parents decide to start getting ready for the new arrival now, while Mum can still move around more comfortably.

Week 23

Your baby is getting stronger and more active – you might feel like there's some martial arts practice going on inside from time to time! Here's what else to expect during week 23.

Week 24

Your baby is about a foot long now, but still has a lot of filling out to do before the birth! Lung development is coming along nicely, getting your baby ready to breathe in the outside world.

Week 25

You might be feeling a bit puffy by now – lots of expectant mums experience some swelling in their feet, ankles and hands. If your feet are uncomfortably swollen, now's your chance to put them up – or better yet, get a lovely foot/leg massage from your partner!

Week 26

Your baby can hear your voice and other sounds now, so feel free to read a bedtime story or two! Your blood volume is increasing to support your baby, so it's important to get enough iron; your GP may give you a supplement to help with this if there are concerns you might be deficient in iron.

Week 27

Believe it or not, it's not too soon to think about your birth plan! Do you want a hospital birth, or would you be more comfortable in a birth centre?