Week 14

Don't look now, but your baby is getting hairy! A fine down called lanugo is beginning to grows all over your baby's body. Don't worry, though - it usually disappears before birth (and any remaining bits will fall off before too long).
Around now, your baby will be starting to practice facial expressions like frowning and squinting.
Swallowing is another pastime these days; your baby will be taking in little bits of amniotic fluid and processing them through those tiny kidneys before releasing them as urine.
Those little fingers can grasp now, and there may even be a bit of thumb-sucking going on!

Enjoying the second trimester

Now that the first trimester is over, you might well find yourself relaxing into and even enjoying this whole pregnancy lark – and so you should! Don't be surprised if your temporarily-absent sex drive returns or even increases. Enjoy making love; it won’t hurt the baby.

Morning sickness is probably retreating by now, and you're not too big yet, so the second trimester is an ideal time to take a holiday before the baby comes. Go ahead, wear a bikini and show off that brand-new bump of yours!

Have you decided if you want to know if it’s a girl or a boy? Or do you want it to be a surprise? This week, your gynaecologist may be able to tell if you’re expecting a boy or a girl. If you don’t want to know, make sure you tell them, as your baby’s specific sexual organs are now developing. Bear in mind that it won’t always be possible to tell at this stage from an ultrasound, so don’t be too disappointed if your doctor can’t tell you what sex your baby is – for one thing, they’re moving all the time, which can make it impossible to get a good view of that part of their body, especially if one of their legs is in the way.

What it’s like for the mum-to-be in week 14

Most of your family and friends now know that you’re pregnant, which will probably be a relief – it was very difficult to keep news as big as this to yourself for such a long time. Your employer should know about it by week 14 so that the legal provisions for you and your unborn child can be arranged.

Weight gain

You will continue to put on weight, although the exact amount can’t be predicted for each individual woman. Up to week 25, you’ll gain around 250-300 grams a week, and from then up to week 40, it’ll be around 400-500 grams a week. 

Your body is working wonders 

Aside from sore breasts and cravings, you shouldn’t experience any other major symptoms by week 14. You shouldn’t be feeling as tired as you used to, although you might not be quite as robust as you were before your pregnancy. This can dishearten many pregnant women, but remember that your body is doing double duty – so do what you can to help it.

There's no longer a risk of premature birth, but you should tell your doctor immediately if you notice sudden bleeding, as this can be serious. This applies throughout your pregnancy.

Top tips

  • Eat small amounts regularly, and try to eat fruit if you get cravings.
  • You can get gym balls with supports, which can be more comfortable for sitting on than chairs. 
  • Get an aroma stone with your favourite scent, which you can take with you wherever you go so that you never have to be without a scent that makes you feel better.
  • A cold or lukewarm shower can help shake off any listlessness you may feel first thing in the morning.  Not only will it wake you up, but it’ll also help prevent stretch marks.