Week 25

During week 25 your baby is around a size of 34 to 35 centimetres and weighs around 750 grams. This means they’ve put on another 50 grams since last week, and this rate of 50 grams a week will continue until birth.

Don't forget!

This is your qualifying week, so you'll need to tell your employer in writing that you are pregnant, and that you intend to take maternity leave. This is essential for claiming statutory maternity pay. You'll also need to enclose the MAT B1 form your midwife gave you.

If your partner wants to take paternity leave, that notification needs to be delivered this week, too. Same-sex partners are eligible for paternity leave, as long as they have been employed for at least 26 weeks.

Top tips

  • Try chopping and crushing dates, figs, cashew nuts, cocoa powder and coconut oil and forming them into a “energy ball” – this can be a great way to get a quick energy boost.
  • If you experience discharge, do not wear scented panty liners.
  • Find a comfortable sleeping position on your side, so that the weight of your uterus does not put pressure on your internal organs or blood vessels.

What it’s like for the mum-to-be in week 25

There's constant movement in your belly, and you may be able to tell when your baby’s tiny arms or feet are pressing against the abdominal wall in the form of small bruises or bumps. It will be clear to you by now that your baby is surprisingly strong – if their kicks hit the organs around your womb, it can really hurt.

Stomach ache 

There are several possible reasons for stomach ache during pregnancy: the pressure your uterus puts on the surrounding organs, an overloaded stomach, a very full bladder or intestinal wind. These symptoms are normal, but if they become severe, visit your doctor.