HiPP Organic follow on milk

We have developed our formula milk to be the best for babies it can be, based on over 50 years of nutritional research and using the best organic ingredients we can find.  It’s really important to us that our milk contains everything babies need to grow, sourced organically and sustainably, and packaged in the most sustainable way possible.  And of course, all made with little tummies in mind.

Maybe that’s why we’re the #1 organic follow-on milk in the UK and Europe; and why 97% of mums say their babies seem happier with HiPP.

So, what goes into the UK’s favourite organic follow on milk?

- We start with only pure organic skimmed milk, from cows fed an organic diet which is free from genetically modified feed, and they are never routinely fed antibiotics or hormones

- Then we add Omega 3 LCPs (DHA*) because they’re vital for normal brain and nervous system development. We get ours from sustainable fish oil sources

- Add organic galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), sourced from organic lactose

- Add a very carefully selected blend of oils to ensure the fatty acid profile is as close to breastmilk as it can be. This is because a high level of palmitic acid, for example, helps the milk be well tolerated by babies. We deliberately and proudly use a blend of rapeseed, sunflower and sustainably sourced palm oil, which we can be sure meet our super high safety and quality standards. Find out more about our sustainable palm oil here.

Why are organic ingredients so important?

They really are the best for babies, because they’re tested multiple times to ensure they contain no pesticides or other harmful residues. More than that, organic is best for the planet because our animals are cared for using traditional methods, graze on organic green pastures and only eat food that is free from genetically modified ingredients. Our livestock have plenty of access to fresh air and open plains and are never routinely given hormones or antibiotics.