9+ months & toddlers

By this age, babies are becoming proper little people, developing unique personalities and letting their parents know exactly what they do and don't like. And hold onto your hats, parents - it won't be long before they are walking and talking, too!

Top tips on what and how to feed fussy toddlers. Get info on foods to try and avoid, portion sizes, vitamin supplements and more.

Feeding your toddler

Struggling with a fussy eater? Not sure what a toddler's portion size looks like? Our expert advice gives you straightforward answers to these questions and lots more.

Toddler portion sizes

Toddlers are busy little people, and they can sometimes seem to be living on air - but how much does your toddler really need to eat?

Milks and other drinks

As your toddler's diet expands, milk begins to give up its starring role - but offering healthy drinks is still important.

Vitamin supplements for Babies and Children

Eating a healthy diet is the best way to ensure good nutrition - but doctors do recommend supplementing some important vitamins to make certain your toddler is getting enough.

Feeding a fussy eater

Toddlers may be small, but they have big personalities - and unfortunately, being finicky about food is a common occurrence. Here's how to keep your cool and avoid mealtime mayhem.

Foods to be careful with

Most foods are fine in moderation, but there are still a few you will probably want to limit - or avoid altogether.