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Top questions to ask a midwife

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

Louise, The Honest Midwife takes you through the questions you should be asking your midwife at your first appointment.

Top tips for Christmas during pregnancy

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

Our resident midwife, Louise takes you through her top tips on how to make Christmas whilst your pregnant that much easier for you and your partner.

Pregnancy loss

Other | | Louise Broadbridge

This week in October is baby loss awareness week, kindly Louise has shared her own experience and trauma of losing a child during pregnancy. This topic may be very upsetting for those who have also experienced the loss of a child.

Situations that your little one might find particularly difficult/anxious about after a pro-longed period at home and how to help

Development | Wellbeing | | Gail Miles

All children, of whatever age, experience powerful emotions. The world of young children can be a frightening and uncertain place especially when they have just faced a prolonged period of time at home.

Socialising your little one as we come out of lockdown

Development | | Gail Miles

Hints and tips on how you can help prepare them for more social situations as the countries unlocks

Good food choices for toddlers

Weaning & Toddler | | Helen Farnsworth

Here are a few special ‘watch outs’ that are important to remember to ensure your little one is getting enough of what they do need and not too much of what they don’t.

Fussy eaters

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

I will start by saying that if you have a toddler who is eating very little, rejecting new foods and/or refusing to eat foods that they have happily eaten before, don’t worry, this is quite normal behaviour and you are not alone.

Moving towards family meals and importance of variety.

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

The key to healthy eating for babies and toddlers is variety! No one food can give them every nutrient they need, and a wide range of food tastes and textures experienced now will help ensure they have a healthier diet as they grow older.

Self feeding

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

Every baby develops at their own pace, with some needing more practice than others before mastering new feeding skills. Read more about introducing your little one to self-feeding, with our nutritionist's advice.

Getting textures into your baby’s meals

Weaning | | Helen Farnsworth

Find out here how to start getting textures into your little one's meals and when to start increasing the amount of lumps.