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Combination feeding

Mum combination feeding baby

Feeding | | Louise Broadbridge

Combination feeding is the term given to using a mixture of bottles and breastfeeds to feed your baby. While exclusive breastfeeding is when a baby gets all their milk directly from the breast, combination feeding involves other methods like bottles or cups.

What to eat when breastfeeding

Baby touching unknown mothers face

Feeding | | Helen Farnsworth

When breastfeeding it is a good idea to make sure you eat a range of healthy foods to get the nutrients you need to keep your energy up! Our nutritionist has shared her advice when it comes to meal times and snacks.

The power of skin-to-skin

baby holding parents fingers

Newborn | | Louise Broadbridge

Skin-to-skin contact has a whole host of benefits for a newborn baby. We Louise, @thehonestmidwife, to share the benefits of skin-to-skin contact with your little one and when you should introduce it.

Cluster feeding

Mum and baby in bed

Feeding | Newborn | | Louise Broadbridge

If your little one seems to have an insatiable appetite and the time between feeds is getting shorter and shorter, they are likely to be cluster feeding. But what is cluster feeding? And how can I identify it? Our resident midwife shares all in her latest article!

Postpartum bleeding

Woman holding stomach and period pads

Postpartum | Wellbeing | | Louise Broadbridge

Postpartum bleeding is nothing to worry about and is a natural part of your body healing and beginning to return to normal after pregnancy. Read our article for a midwife's advice on what to expect after giving birth.

Sleeping in the third trimester

Pregnant woman in bed

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

With an ever-expanding bump, leg cramps and an undeniable desire to empty your bladder every five minutes, sleeping during pregnancy can seem almost impossible. We asked a midwife to share her expert advice on how to improve comfort during sleep in your last trimester.