Best Activewear for Pregnancy and Post Natal Women

Wellbeing | | Charlie Launder

We all know how important it is to stay active throughout our pregnancy, but what do we wear when our bodies change and our bumps grow? I think this is one of the most commonly asked questions I get asked and now I have been through it twice I feel I can make some great recommendations. You might not be thinking about activewear if you are newly pregnant, but once your leggings don’t fit over your bump, don’t make do. If things become uncomfortable, it will put you off exercising.

The good news is, there are some great brands that specialise in gym clothes for pregnant and post-natal women. Here are my top recommendations that I hope will help. I have personally used all of the items listed below. Leggings and bras lasted me through both my pregnancies and immediately after, so I think it’s worth the investment. In fact, I lived in my leggings after Barney’s birth – they are perfect for no-exercise days too.

Sports bras

Some women find that one of the first things to change is their bra size. As early as 5 or 6 weeks your sports bra might start to feel a little tight due to all the hormonal changes. For me, it took a little longer, but it’s worth being prepared for when it does happen. I found that sizing up in Nike sports bras did the job well for me as I didn’t need a huge amount of support. My breasts didn’t grow a huge amount until the very end but what did expand earlier on was my rib cage.

If you are continuing to run, then I would look to upgrade to a maternity bra with a little more support, such as the ones from Latched and Natal Active, to help with the impact, which can cause discomfort. Here’s what has worked best for me in both of my pregnancies, as well as being brilliant for post-natal exercise and everyday wear; they are both so comfy.

Latched UK

The Latched nursing sports bra is a favourite for many reasons, and I know it’s particularly good for those with a fuller bust. It looks great and has discreet nursing clips that you barely notice. There are no underwires and you can transform it from racerback to traditional straps. The racerback gives you plenty of support if doing a high intensity workout. Another great thing is that every bra is supplied with a bra extender, so there is plenty of room for growth if needed. To access an exclusive 20% discount across Latched products, join our BabyClub and visit the 'Partners' section!

Natal Active

I love the different colour options on these bras. Who says you can’t look great when you’re exercising with a bump!! The material is super soft and the straps are really comfy; they don’t dig in at all. They also come with a bra extender and I wore this through pregnancy and for a long time after Alfie was born, just because it was so comfy. Use code BUMPANDBURPEES at checkout for 10% off.


The obvious thing we need to prepare for is that growing bump. We are all so different. Some of us need to adapt for our bump in the first trimester and others will be much later. Either way, there is no need to have our leggings cutting into us and feeling uncomfortable. There are so many brilliant options.


The Latched maternity leggings are designed for pure comfort. They stretch with the largest of bumps and come in lots of different colours, I think the green and gold are new – I have my eye on them!!

I also absolutely lived in my LatchedUk maternity shorts as my pregnancy with Alfie ended in the summer and they were so comfortable. I even took them into the hospital with me!

To access an exclusive 20% discount across Latched products, join our BabyClub and visit the 'Partners' section!

Natal Active

I like that there are cropped and full length leggings, and I particularly love their very berry colour! I feel so brilliant and cheery wearing them. Use code BUMPANDBURPEES for 10% off.


For me I found that Lululemon align leggings stretched to accommodate my bump all the way until the very end of pregnancy and then went straight back to their normal size and I am still wearing them heading into my second pregnancy. They are on the more expensive side but certainly worth the money in my opinion. Comfort is key if you are exercising regularly through your pregnancy.

Luna Grey Leggings

And finally, if you want to bring some sass to your workout, then how about these beauties. Luna Gray have got some great patterns, designed especially for bumps of all sizes. They can be worn high or low waisted. And they have great pockets on the side. Use code LUNAGRAYB&B for 10% off.