Safe exercises to do pre & post birth

Pregnant woman going for a swim

Postpartum | Wellbeing | Pregnancy | | Charlie Launder

When it comes to exercise in pregnancy and into early motherhood you’ll be pleased, and maybe surprised to hear that there is far more that you can do than you can’t. The top priority is to keep you and the baby safe, and the next thing on the list is to help your body to prepare for recovery in the best way possible.

Sleeping in the third trimester

Pregnant woman in bed

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

With an ever-expanding bump, leg cramps and an undeniable desire to empty your bladder every five minutes, sleeping during pregnancy can seem almost impossible. We asked a midwife to share her expert advice on how to improve comfort during sleep in your last trimester.

Early signs of labour

Pregnant woman experiencing early labour symptoms

Pregnancy | | Louise Broadbridge

Forget what you might have seen on television and in films, most births don’t start with a huge gush of water, crippling pains and a dramatic rush to hospital. This article covers the first telltale signs that you may be entering the early stages of labour!