Sensory activities with @this_sonny_day

Sensory play activites using HiPP Organic products

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Emma (@this_sonny_day) has shared with us her creative ways of using our organic products to create fun, sensory play activities for your little one!

HiPP Twists this Autumn

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At HiPP Organic we are big on recycling. So why not get involved and start upcycling your empty HiPP Organic jars, trays and boxes to create fun arts and crafts or sensory activities with your little one!

Healthy lunch ideas for 1-year-olds

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We’ve made a list of some of our favourite healthy lunch ideas to help switch up the daily menu for your 1-year-old.

My toddler’s weekly meal plan by @bloomandfolk

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I’ve found this stage of toddlerhood especially challenging when it comes to filling Bowie, my son, with nutritious food. He is very strong minded and no matter what bribe I use, if he doesn’t want something then he won’t have it.

How I find time to get active by @tashagizmo

Birth | First Days | Toddler | Development |

As a mother of two, breast feeding and then going back to work full time, I found the days running away from me. Within this article I document how I began to slowly introduced exercise back into my routine.

Independent play ideas by @leoniejanelee

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Below are some of our favourite recent activities. They are sensory focused, as they keep Ottilie’s attention longer and improve focus.

How I dealt with my fussy eater by @mothering.mine_

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Here are some of the few key changes we made that completely changed the "fussy eating" game.

Weaning advice to my past self with @arya_dianes_world

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Here are the three things that I would tell myself at the beginning of our weaning journey…

Post-natal mental health tips from @meganfoster17

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Becoming a mum is the most beautiful, precious and rewarding thing in the world, but at the same time the first few weeks and months can be overwhelming, emotional, and daunting. It’s so important to make sure we look after ourselves and our mental health.

HiPP Little Explorers with @lifewiththeminijarvis_

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The Little HiPP Explorers Nature Game was designed to help get you and your little ones out and about exploring nature and learning about it too. The card game is very easy to play and is full of prompts to help you when exploring. Here’s how the game turned out for us…