Couple cradling a baby bump

Expecting a baby?

Congratulations! You're making a tiny person. Here, we guide you through every step of this extraordinary journey, from what to expect and how to look after yourself during your pregnancy, to getting ready to hold your baby for the first time.

Healthy pregnancy

Expert tips on nutrition, exercise and safety during pregnancy.

Top questions to ask your midwife

Midwife appointment

Not sure where to start? We share the top 10 questions to ask during your first midwife appointment.

A guide to eating well in pregnancy

Mum eating a balanced diet

How to ensure you have the energy and nutrients you and your baby need during pregnancy.

Weight chart during pregnancy

Woman measuring her bump

Find out your personal weight journey during your pregnancy to see if you’re in the recommended range. 

Pregnancy symptoms

The inside scoop on what to expect – from morning sickness to mood swings, and everything in between.

Baby's movements

A woman clutching baby scan pictures

How your baby should feel and move during pregnancy, including how to notice and monitor them. 

What are Braxton Hicks?

Woman cradling her bump

Learn about the characteristics, causes and how to differentiate them from true contractions.

Pregnancy hormones

Couple sitting together with holding a baby bump

Advice on on how to soothe many of the usual pregnancy complaints, including tiredness.

Giving birth

From packing a hospital bag to recognising the signs of labour, here's what you need to know about giving birth.

Early signs of labour

A woman being comforted by partner in early labour

Is it happening? From contractions to your waters breaking, learn how to read your body's signals.

Hospital bag checklist

Woman organising her bag

Is your hospital bag ready? Use our hospital bag checklist to pack for both you and baby.

Where to give birth

A woman in labour

Find out more about the different options you can choose from when giving birth.

After birth

The fourth trimester – our experts share their advice on recovery after birth, postnatal depression and relationships.

Adjusting to parenthood

A mum laying next to her newborn baby

The newborn stage is challenging for most. Read our top mantras to help you realise you're not alone.

Recovery after birth

A couple cuddling each other

A postpartum checklist complete with healing tips to speed your way to recovery.

Registering your baby

A couple out on a walk with their newborn

Advice on how to get hold of your baby’s birth certificate after they’ve been born.

Man holding two babies

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