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Getting Ready To Wean by mummy blogger Jenny, also known as Monkey & Mouse

Posted on 15. September 2017 by admin

I love reminiscing about my children as babies and all the fun we had back then.  It's all too easy to see everything in rose coloured glasses and think about how easy it was when they were so small.  Of course there are always difficulties at any stage, but I really enjoyed weaning them both and have many happy memories of their first tastes of food.

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Top tips for weaning with fruit and veg from Toby & Roo

Posted on 01. September 2017 by admin

I remember when I first started weaning Reuben I was so excited about this next chapter in our lives together. I read up on baby nutrition, and how to introduce one fruit or veg first and keep on with that taste until they started to accept it, slowly and gradually introducing new flavours as time went on. But the truth is, I found that Reuben was a really receptive baby and never a fussy eater. He loved carrot. He loved broccoli and within weeks he was eating sweet potato and broccoli puree with cream cheese, Quinoa, apple and blueberry puree, and banana and porridge breakfast food...

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Fairy power

Posted on 19. April 2017 by admin

If only there really was a sleep fairy that could visit my daughter at night, sprinkle special fairy dust over her to keep her asleep and bring her a chocolate in the morning!

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How do you teach your baby to love veg? Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Posted on 14. April 2017 by admin

Okay, all you parents in the weaning trenches – hands up if you’ve encountered this scenario. You’re introducing your baby to the exciting taste of a brand-new vegetable (broccoli, say, or parsnip). They eagerly open wide, take a big mouthful... and make the most incredible grimace you’ve ever seen. The puree ends up everywhere, and the baby is giving you a look that says, “Don’t EVER try that one on me again!”

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Girls vs. boys – gender-appropriate care for the bits “down there”

Posted on 17. March 2017 by admin

In many ways, having a newborn baby girl isn’t so different from having a boy; in those first crazy weeks, both genders pretty much need to eat (constantly), sleep (nowhere near enough) and have their nappies changed (approximately 5 million times). So far, so similar. But there are a few differences it’s worth keeping in mind...

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Water babies: Getting through the first bath with confidence

Posted on 09. March 2017 by admin

So you’ve come through your baby’s birth with flying colours – congratulations! Now that  you’re home, though, the tips you picked up in neonatal classes may have got a bit fuzzy, and you might be finding the idea of bathing your newborn intimidating. Don’t worry – you’re far from alone. 

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Top settling strategies for soothing little ones

Posted on 10. January 2017 by admin

Going to sleep may seem simple to an adult – and if you have a young baby, it’s probably just about the most precious thing in your world right now – but nodding off can be a real challenge for little ones. We’re not born knowing how to drift off peacefully to dreamland, so one of a parent’s first jobs is to help their baby learn how to settle into a calm, relaxed state that will let them fall asleep. 

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