Here we go, baby! Getting started with weaning

The day your little one tastes real food for the first time is a real milestone! Here's how to tell if they're ready - and what you'll need to get them started on a lifelong taste adventure.


When your baby's very young, eating is pretty simple: It's all milk, all the time. But sometime between 4 and 6 months of age, you'll see the signs that it's time to try some real food.


Weaning can be a really fun experience for both of you, but it does require a bit of time and patience. Your baby will need to learn how to take food from a spoon, and work out how to move it around and swallow. These are learned skills, so it takes a bit of practice – and you may well get a few surprised looks at first!

At this stage, your baby’s nutritional needs are still being met by milk, so don’t worry if not very much goes down at first. Simple flavours and a runny, smooth texture will give them the gentlest start. It’s all about different tastes not quantity.

Signs your baby may be ready for weaning

At some point between 4 and 6 months, your baby will be developmentally ready to try solid food - but how can you tell? Look for these three telltale signs.  

How to start weaning

Is your baby ready for their first taste of real food? Here's how to make sure you are, too! 

Introducing texture & variety

From this point on, variety is the key, so have fun with lots of new tastes and textures! 

5-a-day for babies

How much fruit and veg does your baby need for a healthy diet? 

Weaning a premature baby

If your baby arrived a bit early, you might want to consider starting solids a bit on the early side, too. Here's why. 



Weaning FAQ

Parents tend to have lots of questions when it comes to starting solids. Here are some of the most common, along with our experts' advice. 

Allergies and weaning

If allergies run in your family, it makes sense to take a bit of extra care during weaning.