We're big on owls

At HiPP Organic, we’re big on sustainability and working with nature not against it, which is why we’re serious about using and protecting natural pesticides, such as owls. Owls are important to the environment because they help to keep populations of their prey under control ensuring a healthy and diverse eco-system.

HiPP Organic released Barn Owls for the first time in 2016. These rare birds were lovingly raised on our HiPP farm to create and improve natural biodiversity and there are now countless nesting aids on the farm for these animals.

If you want to see this beautiful, mysterious bird, it’s best seen at night when it hunts. Due to modern forestry there is a shortage of old wood and cave trees, which owls urgently need as breeding sites. That is why the Tawny Owl is having to adapt and are increasingly moving to villages and cities. This is, of course, an unnatural environment for them and unfortunately does nothing to promote nature in balance.

Protecting owls is another little thing we do here at Hipp Organic, which we believe makes a big difference to the creating a more balanced natural environment for nature’s helpers.