Animal Welfare

At HiPP we’re big on animal welfare, as we believe the best quality of life for the animals means the best quality ingredients for our baby food.

HiPP employees regularly check on site that all animal welfare requirements required by HiPP and law are complied with. Thanks to this comprehensive process control, we can guarantee gentle and species-appropriate animal husbandry techniques.

These legal regulations are, that the feed must come from organic farms and must not contain any antibiotics, performance enhancers or genetically modified raw materials. In addition, suitable breed selection, plenty of freedom of movement, large stables and sufficient light to ensure animal health. All our animals are always monitored by veterinarians and their health is fully documented.

Species-appropriate livestock farming' is the way we make sure our cows, sheep , chickens and turkeys live happy, healthy lives, without the need for growth hormones and other drugs. It's really about giving each animal or bird the space it needs to live in natural surroundings. For instance, it matters to us that our chickens can roam freely in the open air, scratching and sun-bathing, and enjoying organic food themselves. On our own farm, we let our animals out into the woods to graze. This also helps biodiversity and natural forest cycles - even more ways we're helping make a better world for your baby to grow up in.

This is another little thing we do here at HiPP, which we believe makes a big difference not only to feeding your little one every day, but to the future of our planet as well.