At HiPP Organic, we’re big on taste. That’s why we specially select the varieties we grow.

To meet our high quality standards, we source our apples from organic orchards. We prefer apples from orchards because they’re ecologically important for the preservation of old varieties and they provide a great habitat for insects and birds.

Our organic apples need sufficient rainfall to grow and ripen, and in summer they need the warmth to develop the right sugar-acid ratio. Our apples also need a good period of frost during the winter months to encourage flowering at the correct time.

Did you know that there are over 30,000 different apple varieties in the world? At HiPP, we use Golden Delicious, Morgenduft, Jonagold, Gala and Florina for our baby food purees. All these varieties are strictly controlled from flowering all the way to processing, ensuring that the apples have enough time to ripen, helping to make them particularly mild in taste and low in acid.

This is another little thing we do here at HiPP Organic, which we believe makes a big difference to feeding your little one every day.