At HiPP Organic, we’re big on family, which is why we’re deeply passionate about our partnership with our organic growers whether they’re banana farmers in Costa Rica or carrot growers in Germany.

Our HiPP organic farmers look after HiPP organic fruits from flowering to processing and specially choose particularly mild and low-acid varieties for our baby food. There are no chemical or synthetic sprays used at all in our organic farming.

For example, HiPP grows the "Gros Michel" organic banana variety which grows in the Costa Rican jungle where it’s never found in large plantations. The indigenous population cultivates them in the original way which also helps to preserve the unique biodiversity of the highland jungle.

HiPP Organic has agreed long-term contracts with our banana farmers. Since then, around 1,000 smallholders can rely on guaranteed acceptance and fair prices. An employee works on site, to ensure the excellent raw material quality that HiPP Organic needs for its premium organic baby food. Over the course of two decades, a great relationship of trust has developed between us and the smallholder families.

In addition to the social advantages, there are ecological benefits too: Unlike in plantation cultivation, the banana plants are separate and widely spaced. In the event of disease or fungal attack, the affected perennial can simply be removed to prevent it from spreading. In contrast to conventional cultivation, no pesticides are used. This preserves the natural habitat of people, plants and animals and protects biodiversity.

This is just another little thing we do here at HiPP Organic, which we believe makes a big difference to the taste and quality of our organic baby food.