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Elinor is a qualified Relationship Therapist specialising in emotional and physical intimacy. She is passionate about supporting parents as they transition from being a 'two' to a 'three (or more!)', and helping couples develop healthy communication skills to bring the joy back to their relationships. She is also qualified as a Infant Loss Practitioner, supporting clients through fertility difficulties, miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

Coping with body changes after pregnancy

Mum soothing crying newborn

Postpartum | | Elinor Harvey

If you can’t fit into your old clothes, your belly is still rounded and soft and your stretch marks make you want to cry. It’s normal that your body looks like you’ve just had a baby- because you have! However there are lots of ways that you can help yourself if you’re struggling with your body image.

Coping with a lack of sleep

Dad lying on sofa with baby on chest

Wellbeing | | Elinor Harvey

Whether you’re a working parent, at home, or a bit of both, completing normal day to day activities can feel impossible with a lack of sleep. Our relationship expert shares her top tips on how to prevent the toll of tiredness effecting you and your partner's relationship.