HiPP Organic formula milks

We’re here to help you feel HiPP about feeding your baby, so it’s reassuring to know that 97% of mums* say their babies seem happier with HiPP. We’ve put over 50 years of research into our range of organic formula milks. Giving you that HiPP feeling from birth to toddlerhood.

* Research based on 507 mums using HiPP who changed from a different brand between Feb 17 and Jan 18.

Why choose organic baby formula?

Our gentle organic milk is free from pesky chemical pesticides.

  • No chemical pesticides are used on the farms where our free-range cows graze
  • Our organic milk is produced sustainably in harmony with nature
  • We test for quality at every stage of production

First infant milk

Our gentle organic formula is made from the best organic milk.

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Follow on milk

Good with food, this formula is balanced for weaning babies over 6 months old.

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Hungry infant milk

Helping to satisfy the rumbliest little tummies.

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Growing up milk

Great for growing toddlers.

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Growing up milk 4

The right balance of vitamins and minerals for busy two-year olds.

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Good night milk

A creamy, satisfying milk, perfect for winding down at bedtime.

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Special milks

Comfort milk

A specialised formula that may help babies suffering from colic and/or constipation.

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Anti-reflux milk

May help keep feeds down for babies suffering from reflux or regurgitation.

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Reusable milk storage box

Buy now from the HiPP online shop, with a built-in scoop holder and leveller.

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It's HiPP to be different

  • We’re breastmilk boffins
    The HiPP family has been expertly feeding babies for four generations and our formula is backed by over 50 years of breastmilk research.
  • Green’s not just a bandwagon we’ve jumped on
    We’ve been proudly organic for over 60 years. Our organic milk is produced sustainably with no chemically synthesised pesticides or GM and our packaging is as environmentally friendly as possible too.
  • You can buy direct from our HiPP online shop
    So, you can be confident you’ll always have HiPP Organic to hand.

Get HiPP delivered

If you’d like to feel HiPP too, this super starter pack could be the answer. With 6 feeds, 6 bottles and 6 latex-free NUK teats, you can get a great deal at the HiPP online shop.


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