Looking after yourself & your newborn

Being a new mum is both exhausting and exhilarating! In these first few weeks, you'll gradually get to know your new baby and settle into a routine that suits you both. You're bound to have lots of questions, and HiPP is here to help!

Your time right now is precious, so we've designed this section to be an easy-access guide to the most essential information you may need in these first weeks.

If you're looking for more detail about how your little one is growing and changing, you can also visit our fortnightly development calendar, and our milk feeding section contains lots of helpful advice on getting to grips with breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

Look after yourself

After your baby arrives, it's important not to neglect your own needs. Here's how to keep healthy, so you can take good care of your little one.

Eat Healthily

Nutrition might seem like a low priority when you have a new baby, but eating well can help give you the energy you need right now.

Postnatal help

Parenting a newborn can be confusing and exhausting - but a bit of assistance can make it all much easier.

Registering the birth

When you're announcing your new baby to the world, don't forget to tell the government, too! Here's how to go about getting your little one registered.

Newborn baby checks

Your baby's first health exam happens just minutes after the birth. Here's how midwives and doctors will make sure you and your baby are thriving.


Jabs may not be fun - for either of you - but they're one of the most important things you can do to protect your baby's health. Here's what to expect.

Me time

Your baby is probably the most important thing in your world right now - but it's just as important to take care of yourself. Here's how to find some 'me time'.


It's your baby's best (and only!) way of communicating with you - but hearing your little one cry can be stressful. Here are some ways to calm things down when you're both feeling frazzled.

Keeping a record

Yes, you have a million things on your plate right now - but a record of your baby's milestones is something you'll treasure in years to come.

Tummy time

Spending a bit of time face-down during the day is important for babies' development - but they don't always like it! Here's how to help your little one learn to love 'tummy time.'

Childcare options

Even if you're not heading back to work just yet, it's a good idea to start considering your options when it comes to childcare.

Advice on postnatal exercise

You don't have to join a gym to start getting back into shape - in fact, you can even take your baby along for the ride!

Baby’s First Holiday

Even leaving the house for a short trip to the shops can seem like a mammoth task with your new baby, so the thought of packing for a week or two away can be incredibly daunting!