What to take on holiday

Don't be surprised if your baby's suitcase is bigger than yours! Here's what you'll want to bring along - and a few things you can probably leave at home.

Your travel bag will contain all of your everyday essentials such as nappies, nappy cream, a couple of changes of clothing in case your baby is sick, nappy bags, feeds, bibs, etc. You’ll obviously take your child’s favourite comforter/toy too, but you might also want to pick up some new, small toys and books to keep your little one amused on the journey. Keeping these under wraps until they’re needed will help maximise the fun factor!

Taking along your little one’s own bed sheet or blanket can help them to settle in new surroundings, as familiar smells of home are comforting.

If you’re bottle feeding, it’s extra-important to properly sterilise your feeding equipment while you’re away. Steam sterilisers are bulky to take along, but you can buy a compact travel steriliser kit that uses sterilising tablets and disposable steriliser bags instead.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • Baby paracetamol/ibuprofen
  • Rehydration sachets (ask your pharmacist for advice on which to take)
  • Teething gel/granules if your baby is teething