Me time

Your baby is probably the most important thing in your world right now - but it's just as important to take care of yourself. Here's how to find some 'me time'.

It might be difficult to believe, especially during those heady, exhausting first days with your newborn, but eventually you'll find that you're getting into more of a routine and have got used to having this new little person around. Okay, chances are your home will not be in perfect order, but you'll realise that most things are more or less under control. (Whew!)

This point may be different for you than it is for others; some women find it easy to ignore mess or chores, others can’t relax unless the place is clean and tidy. But once you feel as if your head is poking above water, it's a very good idea to do something to look after yourself.

Whether it's getting out for a much-needed haircut, or taking a warm bath, or going out for a meal with your partner, finding a bit of “me” time is really important for new mums. Not only will it give you a bit of mental space from the responsibilities of new parenthood, but it will also help you to feel more cared-for... which in turn helps you to better care for your baby!

The key is to prioritise and delegate. Do only the chores that are very important to you, and try to let the rest wait. After all, having a quiet bath with a cup of tea while your partner or mum takes the baby for a walk will do you much more good than cleaning the floor!

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