Parent's Stories: Baby Advice From Parents

Welcome to Parent’s Stories, HiPP’s brand new advice hub designed to support you and your little one’s journey from birth. We’ve worked closely with parents through each stage of development to provide useful tips and tricks for you and your little ones.

Sensory activities with @this_sonny_day

Sensory play activites using HiPP Organic products

Toddler | Development | | Emma

Emma (@this_sonny_day) has shared with us her creative ways of using our organic products to create fun, sensory play activities for your little one!

HiPP Twists this Autumn

Toddler |

At HiPP Organic we are big on recycling. So why not get involved and start upcycling your empty HiPP Organic jars, trays and boxes to create fun arts and crafts or sensory activities with your little one!

Benefits of fruit during pregnancy

Pregnancy |

Do you know the best fruits to eat when pregnant? And which are the ones to avoid? Read here to learn the best and worst fruits to eat during pregnancy.

What can I eat when breastfeeding?

Pregnancy |

Ensuring a balanced diet when breastfeeding will assist in your baby’s growth and development after birth. Read here for more information.

Healthy lunch ideas for 1-year-olds

Toddler | Development | Recipes |

We’ve made a list of some of our favourite healthy lunch ideas to help switch up the daily menu for your 1-year-old.

Fun finger food recipes for your baby

First Days | Recipes |

We’ve put together 5 finger food recipes to make mealtime, while allowing your child to practice independent self-feeding.

Advice from an experienced parent to a first time mum by @simplelifewiththree

Birth | First Days | | Samantha

Here are some of my tips from the other side - speaking as a mother to three little ones.

My toddler’s weekly meal plan by @bloomandfolk

Toddler | Development | Recipes | | Lauren Chattein

I’ve found this stage of toddlerhood especially challenging when it comes to filling Bowie, my son, with nutritious food. He is very strong minded and no matter what bribe I use, if he doesn’t want something then he won’t have it.

How I find time to get active by @tashagizmo

Birth | First Days | Toddler | Development | | Natasha Whittingham

As a mother of two, breast feeding and then going back to work full time, I found the days running away from me. Within this article I document how I began to slowly introduced exercise back into my routine.

HiPP Little Explorers with @our_life_our_play

| Katie-Rose

I printed off the Little HiPP Explorers Adventure Game cards, laminated them and popped them onto a keyring. I can now take them on multiple adventures in the future.