Baby Yoga at Home with @Andel_and_Rielle

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This post was written for us by andel_and_rielle

We've teamed up with HiPP Organic to help support fellow parents of young children! With the current situation, including lockdowns and staying at home more, it’s the perfect time to try out some new ideas and family activities at home. One great activity that I love to share with my little ones is baby yoga!

Now I know what you may be thinking... “Pshhh.. Yoga for babies! Is this some kind of made-up club where parents meet up for an overpriced coffee and pretend that they exercise?!” Nope, far from it! The term ‘baby yoga’ does sound a little strange. However, when put into perspective, yoga with babies is actually very similar to regular adult yoga.

Baby yoga is a relaxing and calming activity, where your baby will get gentle exercise, which is extremely helpful for their development. Not to mention, it’s a great way for you and your little one to bond and enjoy yourselves together! You may even get a workout in too by entertaining them with funny poses, or even by laughing so much at their smiley face and those cute little baby giggles that your abs ache. Either way, it sounds great right?

So here’s how you can get started with baby yoga at home. This can be adapted based on your baby’s age and developmental stage but, as a general rule, the main focus is gently stretching your baby’s arms and legs by encouraging small movements – in and out, up and down, and side to side. Gently mobilising the back, stomach and, if your baby is old enough to be able to support their own head, tummy time is always a great way to go for helping to strengthen the neck.

If you’re completely unsure of where to start, the best thing to do is to consider how you would loosen up your own body if something felt stiff or you were trying to relax. Then, incorporate this into a more gentle, fun activity with your baby. Whilst doing so, you can incorporate other interactive ways to stimulate your baby. By wiggling toes, singing songs, circulating their hips to massage the lower back, playing peekaboo with their arms or legs and also roly-poly and also gentle see-saw motions and leg bounces. Of course, you must always ensure that your baby is supported in the appropriate way for their age group and their level of ability. But most importantly, have fun with your little one!

It has been a tough time with the current pandemic. Baby groups is one thing that I have not been able to do with Rielle. I had the opportunity to try baby massage with Andel and it was great. But despite not having the usual parent support and activity groups; with a little bit of improvisation, maybe a little internet search here and there if needed, combined with trial and error. Before you know it, you’ll be a pro! As long as it is safe and fun you’ve got it in the bag.

You will certainly know what your baby likes and doesn’t like, as let’s face it, they will make that clear! It’s also polite to ask for permission before starting baby yoga. If you’re baby is not happy or resisting, do not worry yourself. You can always try again another time, they may just not be feeling up to it this time, that’s all.

If you try out baby yoga with your little one, I would love to hear how you get on!