Bath Time Games for Toddlers

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Bath time doesn’t have to mean bedtime to your little one. A good old splish splash can really liven things up - anytime of the day. But best of all, bath time games for toddlers are more than good, clean fun. They’re educational too.

The world around your little one is full of exciting things to see and do. So where better to discover the wonders of water than at home in the tub?

Bath time toddler activities can be really simple, like splashing at different speeds, seeing which things sink or float, trying to pat a passing bath sponge, or cup water in their hands (before it all disappears between their fingers!)

Little games like this can make a big difference to their understanding of objects, movement, textures and temperature. Who’d have thought your bathroom could be such a sensory playground?

7 toddler bath games to try

Whether you’re on a mission to wash them or simply fancy a different place to play, these toddler bath games can help get the job done.

1. Two in the tub

If your little one’s in the big bath now, you could jump in and join them. They’re sure to enjoy the company – and it’ll be a lot easier for you than bending over or kneeling by the side. While you’re there, why not have a sing song – anyone for ‘Row, row, row your boat’?

2. Rain, rain come again!

Try using your kitchen sieve as a rain cloud in the bath. Simply let the water run through it while your toddler giggles at the show! It’s a fascinating way to see how liquids move.

3. Tea for two?

Use plastic cups to show your toddler how to scoop and pour water, then ask them to fill up your ‘tea cup’. It’s a great way to learn about capacity and what happens when things get too full...

4. Bath the baby 

Little ones love acting like grown-ups. So why not get them to bath a doll like a baby? It’s a sneaky way to show them how to keep themself clean – and which bits of the body to wash first.

5. Water squirter 

Clean, empty soap or shampoo bottles make great water squirters (and really rude raspberry sounds with the last few squeezes!) Point your water squirter downwards into the bath before firing, to avoid getting water near the face or eyes.

6. Bubble trouble

If your toddler likes a bubble bath, why not search for hidden pirate treasure beneath the foamy surface? You could even wear a bubble beard to look the part – and help inspire role play.

7. Boat race 

Time to show your little one how things move on water... Use a brand-new washing up sponge as a boat and blow it from one end of the bath to the other (a straw could help with this).

Make bath time fun with playful products

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Notes on safety: Always remember to test the water temperature before lowering your little one into the bath. If it’s too hot, it may scald their delicate skin. And never leave them alone in water – even if it’s shallow – to avoid the risk of drowning.

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