HiPP Little Explorers with @always.elliot_

Development | | Joanne Wooley

We can’t get enough of seeing your Little HiPP Explorers playing our Nature Adventure game! We had a chat with @always.elliot_, who had a sensory adventure and told us all about it…

When HiPP Organic teamed up with the National Trust to create a Little HiPP Explorers Nature Adventure Game I was excited to try this out. As May is National Walking Month it was perfect timing to play this game and a real bonus that the whole family could join in. Elliot is a little lover of nature and shows enthusiasm and excitement for outdoor activities. He was thrilled to play this whilst we were on our first family holiday. We love the great outdoors and enjoy visiting picturesque and natural places.

This was very simple to play and highly engaging. It really got us to look closely at what’s around and explore our nearby surroundings. This game is brilliant for the educational value alone. It’s great for all ages and versatile through the different seasons.

The cards were packed full of interesting facts about plants, trees, flowers and animals. 30 cards in total, each offering a fun question and a woodland design running throughout. It was fun for me to get involved and discover the outdoor environment, a breath of fresh air.

We set off early morning and walked along a wide and fast-flowing river, renowned for its famous salmon fishing. As the river provides feeding for many birds we were well rewarded with plenty of birdsong and spectacular views. It was a great way to immerse in the wonderful world of wildlife that the National Trust works so hard to protect.

I really enjoyed this experience and how we were able to make new memories as a family. From a learning point of view the game was wonderful, Elliot could easily understand the questions and it used all of his senses. He loved looking for acorns, staring up into the sky, hugging trees, picking up sticks, looking under rocks, ruffling dry leaves and listening to the sounds. It was a sure hit and provided plenty of family entertainment.

The cards were easy to print off for Elliot to colour in and the perfect size to keep in my pocket. They even had prompts to keep us on the right track. We could easily play this again as no two games will ever be the same. I’ll be using the cards during walks, play dates, in our garden and at locals parks and forests.