HiPP Little Explorers with @andel_and_rielle

Toddler | Development | | Michaela Williams

Seeing your Little HiPP Explorers getting stuck into nature with our amazing new Nature Adventure game fills us with joy! We loved hearing all about @andel_and_rielle’s walk in the woods. Check it out below...

Andel, Rielle, Mummy and Daddy have teamed up with HiPP Organic, to try out their wonderful new Little HiPP Explorers game for fun, interactive adventure outdoors! The Little HiPP Explorers game was developed in support of the National Trust’s plan to plant twenty million tiny saplings by 2030! What better way to help the planet, than to find a fun way to explore the beauty of nature with your little ones, whilst helping them to learn all about our beautiful planet at the same time!

We chose to play our game in the woods, which was made easy to do, as the Little HiPP Explorers game can be played using your phone, tablet or even printing off the cards to view. Each card is colourful and interactive, but sticks to simple terms for your little ones to easily understand so there’s no need for the “adult-to-child vocabulary translation”. HiPP Organic have got us covered!

Each topic helps to spark their imagination, interest and creativity, whilst encouraging them to engage with their environment. It was also a great way for Andel and Rielle to establish and understand their senses, such as sight, touch and hearing. (Taste was not encouraged in the game, but I’d be lying if I said that my children didn’t try to eat a leaf at some point! - But, hey, as long as they are supervised, then no harm done right?)

Andel and Rielle both had a blast counting petals, finding flowers of a certain colour, pretending to be as tall as a tree, feeling the texture on the pinecones, hunting out insects and much more. It was such a fun experience for us all to enjoy, as a family. As the ideas are already set out on the Little HiPP Explorer cards, which we accessed online, it was a fantastic little adventure in the big woods without having to do any pre-planning or forward thinking!

It’s another big thumbs up for HiPP Organic, from us. If you want to get involved and have fun exploring with your little ones too, you can find the game here. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!