HiPP Little Explorers with @itsadottylittlelife

Development | | Georgia

Dot and Teds are Little HiPP Explorers! We loved hearing how much fun @itsadottylittlelife had playing our brand-new Nature Adventure game. 

I was over the moon when HiPP Organic asked us to try out their new ‘Little Explorers Adventure Game’. As a primary school teacher, I really believe that getting outdoors with children is hugely beneficial to aiding them in understanding the wider world – so as a family we try to get outside as much as possible. The ‘Little HiPP Explorers’ cards give outdoor activity suggestions to complete and include sweet little quotes and facts. We trialled the cards over the week and absolutely loved the activities that we did.

We decided to visit a few different places to try the activity cards out and used the mobile version, rather than the printable version. We visited a local wood, a nature reserve and even did some of the activities in the back garden! I think it is really important to be able to have activities that you can do anywhere when you have two small children. It can be a little overwhelming being out and about with two little ones running around – I found that the activities on the cards acted as a great distraction and gave both of my children something to focus on.

We thoroughly enjoyed pretending to be tall like trees and peeking under rocks to see who might live under them. Even my one and a half year old loved playing out in the fresh air and trying to help his big sister find leaves bigger than their hands. We spent ages hunting for things that were red and yellow and listening to the sounds of nature. We honestly had so much fun!

I have to say, that the best part of it all, was seeing how excited and engaged they both were. Our three year old asked so many questions during the activities and has been telling everyone about all of the fun things she has found on our adventures. Ultimately that’s what it’s all about right? That impact on their happiness and excitement!

If there is anything that the last year has taught all of us, it's that sometimes the most memorable experiences come from the simplest of activities. We can’t wait to do more activities using the cards – we will definitely be trying the wild picnic when the fruits start growing on the trees!