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A bit about me

My name is Vicky, mum of 3 to Megan (age 5), Isabelle (age 3) and Joshua (age 6 months) we live in the Northeast of England and I’m currently on maternity leave adjusting to being a busy mum of 3 and enjoying all things baby related. We also have a pet dog called Rolo!

HiPP Little Explorers Nature Adventure Game

I was so excited when HiPP asked me to write my first ever blog post about their Little HiPP Explorers Nature Adventure Game!

HiPP have teamed up with the National Trust to create Little HiPP Explorers, together they’re planning to plant twenty million tiny saplings by 2030 – amazing! The Little HiPP Explorers Nature Game was designed to help get you and your little ones out and about exploring nature and learning about it too. The card game is very easy to play and is full of prompts to help you when exploring. Here’s how the game turned out for us…

As a family, one of favourite days out is a trip to the woods – so this seemed like a great opportunity to try out the Little HiPP Explorers game. There were 30 cards to choose from, you can either download them to play on HiPP’s website or print them off to take with you. They are all connected to nature and create a fun way to explore nature and learn at the same time.

My little ones love the woods, while the older two prefer climbing trees, splashing in streams and looking out for animals. My youngest enjoys looking around and taking in all of the colours. Using the Little HiPP explorers game gave us a chance to really connect and learn about nature – the girls loved it.

How high can you stretch?

Like the trees surrounding us, we stretched as high as possible! We also spoke about the age of the larger trees; some would be over one hundred years old! Our HiPP Explorers game card informed us that 200 types of insects can live in a single oak tree. We made our arms really strong for insects and birds to live on just like a tree!

Can you find a lovely flower?

We love looking out for flowers, and the woods are a great place to see some beautiful flowers. We found so many different colours and varieties and the girls enjoyed looking and smelling them. We talked about how flowers were important for bees and butterflies, so we looked out to see if we could spot any buzzing about.

One of our favourite game cards was “is it bigger than your hand” the girls enjoyed trying to find the biggest leaves between them and comparing them to the size of their hands, they collected a few that had fallen of trees, and we talked how they were food for little creepy crawlies.

Exploring the woods always makes for hungry work – although my three seem to want to snack all the time! We had a little break from the game and rested with our HiPP Organic snacks. Isabelle absolutely loves dinosaurs so her choice was HiPP Organic’s Herby Dinos Snacks, they are made with organic grains and mixed herbs, with no added salt or sugar and no additional additives or preservatives and they are shaped as dinosaurs - what’s not to love? Great for an exploring toddler, and Mummy’s happy as they’re healthy too.

Back to it

After snacks, we were straight back to exploring – they don’t sit still for long! We found a lovely pond, so we set out to find some underwater friends. Megan & Isabelle are such water babies and would definitely be in the pond if they could! We discussed what animals would live in the water and share the water with the fish. We were lucky enough to see some ducks and ducklings in the pond.

The cards are full of activities surrounding nature, you could play them again and again and we found them a great way for the little ones to really have fun but learn at the same time. They were also a great distraction from anyone complaining of walking and sore legs, as they were having too much fun!