HiPP Little Explorers with @our_life_our_play

Toddler | Development | | Katie-Rose

As a family we love to go outdoors and explore the local area around us. Our little one Joseph enjoys finding sticks and leaves as well as turning over logs and rocks to discover insects. We recently visited a beautiful country park close by that we hadn’t been to before, it’s amazing how many places that are just around the corner, still yet to discover.

I printed off the Little HiPP Explorers Adventure Game cards, laminated them and popped them onto a keyring. I can now take them on multiple adventures in the future. Alternatively, you could print the sheet and slide it into a large sandwich bag. Not only does this protect the sheet from water damage, but it also makes the game reusable with a whiteboard pen. The adventure game is also available to play straight from your phone and tablet, no preparation needed.

The cards gave us plenty of fun prompts and ideas to make our walk in the woods even more exciting than usual. We came across a beautiful field of yellow buttercups and I took the time to count the flowers on each plant as well as the petals on each flower, Joseph listened and pointed as I counted.

Together we sat and observed a beetle under a log and found huge leaves bigger than both of our hands! I modelled how to stretch up tall like the highest of trees we could see and then we had fun flapping our arms, pretending to be a bird, copying the wood pigeon that had flown by. We made time to just stop and sit still and listen to the sounds around us, we could hear the tweets of birds and the rustle of a squirrel in the leaves.

We stopped on a couple of occasions and Joseph enjoyed a little snack from the new HiPP Organic range. I took a freezer clip along with me, so after a few crisps I could seal the bag and carry on our adventure.

Joseph had the best time discovering the nature around him in the woodland. The adventure cards are a brilliant way to really stop and take in all the natural elements, I found myself using so many different descriptive words whilst talking to Joseph, which in turn will support his communication and language.

The adventure cards are great for using a simple walk in the woods as an opportunity for so much learning, counting flowers, listening to sounds, names of woodland creatures as well as physical exercise.

When we came home, we spent the afternoon creating a bird feeder pinecone that we had seen on the HiPP Organic website. Joseph enjoyed mixing the ingredients together for this.