HiPP Twists: Little Jar Bug Hotel

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If you’re looking for easy outdoor activities for toddlers, this one will give your busy little one plenty to buzz about! Building a bug hotel is a great way to combine a nature trail with a construction project. Made in minutes – or hours depending on your toddler’s attention span – this ‘des res’ can accommodate its visitors, all year round. Giving you and your little one countless opportunity to meet and greet the insects, bees and mini beasts that bring biodiversity to your back garden.

Make your own Little Jar Bug Hotel

You’ll need:

  • A clean, empty glass jar (a HiPP organic jar is perfect)
  • Bamboo sticks, twigs and leaves (the right size for a snug fit)
  • 2 pieces of wood, bark or moss (for shade – and privacy!)

Instructions: Simply fill the jar with bamboo sticks, twigs and leaves. Place it in a safe location; a secluded patch of grass at the bottom of the garden, or up high if you want to attract bees. Then cover the glass jar with your pieces of wood, bark or moss, and wait for the first visitors to arrive...

We're big on bees

Bees are incredibly important to nature and the environment. So, at HiPP Organic, we do everything we can to help protect them as they buzz around our organic farms. Like making sure we never mow our lawns or fields at midday, when they’re at their busiest. That way we don’t disturb them while they’re hard at work. It’s little things like this that make a big difference to their eco-system. And it’s something you could try at home too.

Other activity ideas for toddlers

Garden activities for toddlers can be lots of fun, all year round. There’s always something to do – and learn. Whether it’s splashing in puddles or planting bee friendly seeds and watering them. Watching snails slither or worms wriggle. Collecting and sorting fallen leaves by size, shape and colour. It’s great outdoors for curious little ones. So, make the most of it, whatever the weather.