Imogen’s Day – Routine of a 10 month old baby with @emilyjanescrapbook

Wellbeing | | Emily

I’m Emily, mum to 10 month old Imogen. I was over the moon when HiPP Organic asked us to share our daily routine with you all because as a first-time mum, I’ve found reading blogs and articles about the development of a baby and the changes they go through and make each month incredibly beneficial.

I say this every month, but I’m really enjoying life with a 10 month old. Imogen’s personality is really coming out, she’s into everything right now and we’re having lots more (often hilarious) interaction. In terms of her routine, we’ve made some big changes over the past couple of months and life is definitely getting easier, with fewer milk feeds, experimenting with solids, and longer stretches of sleep at night.

So, here is a little look at Imogen’s day as a 10 month old baby…


Imogen wakes up, hopefully after sleeping through the night, which is a recent development and one I very much hope stays around. She does sometimes need rocking back to sleep if she stirs but no longer feeds during the night. As you can see here, she’s ready and raring to go, and usually wakes up happy to see us.

I change her nappy and then bring her into bed with us. Those morning snuggles are my favourite. We keep a basket of toys and books beside our bed for Imogen to play with and I use this time to quickly get myself ready for the day and sometimes even manage to squeeze in a shower!


By this point her ladyship is most definitely hungry and lets you know this by wailing in her highchair until she gets her first mouthful. She usually has either porridge or warm Weetabix with milk and a fruit puree pot or sliced berries/banana. Since the start of Imogen’s weaning journey, I’ve always given her an open cup of water at mealtime, which has handles on – mostly for association, however the past couple of weeks she has finally started to independently use this.


Another nappy change, get dressed, and then I pack the changing bag depending on what adventures we have planned for that day.


Once a week, we attend a baby class around this time, but most mornings are spent at home. After getting dressed, we head downstairs to the playroom where I set up some activities for her.

This ball run is a favourite at the moment! Imogen isn’t yet crawling but can sit unaided and bum shuffle/turn herself in circles. I’ll quite often find her facing the complete opposite direction to the one I placed her.


Imogen goes down for a nap either in her pram or cot. She naps for 30 minutes to 2 hours. It always seems to be a much shorter nap when I have lots of stuff to do… I have white noise on in the background and this tends to help her to sleep for longer.


Nappy change and then I begin the lunch prep. Imogen usually has a finger food lunch which consists of a sandwich, something on toast or omelette/frittata fingers, and I serve these with baby crisps, sliced up cucumber, tomatoes, mango, or pineapple.

She loves to feed herself this meal and has recently started to refuse the spoon and take more control at mealtimes. The only downside is the mess this comes with. Let’s just say I’m grateful we have a dog!


We usually like to get out and about in the afternoons to meet friends and family, take the dog for a long stroll in the nearby parks and woods, go shopping, swimming or visit a local attraction. Imogen is a big fan of the petting farm! Her afternoon nap is usually taken either in the buggy or in the car and is normally only for 30 to 45 minutes.


Nappy change back home and then Imogen plays and watches some television whilst I start to prep dinner.


Dinner is usually a hot meal and we try to eat this as a family. Imogen used to have a mashed-up version of what we were eating minus the salt, but now has no trouble eating lumps and chunks. Sometimes if I’m pushed for time or if what we are having isn’t suitable for her (we are partial to a weekly takeaway!) then she has a baby food pouch/jar. So far she has been a great eater and hardly refuses anything. Tonight we’re having beef meatballs and pasta with my homemade tomato and mushroom sauce, a favourite of Imogen’s.

Other favourites include: fish pie, low salt sausage and mash, roast chicken dinner, lasagne, salmon, sweet potato chips, lamb kebabs, paella and cauliflower cheese.

She’ll then usually have some yogurt, fresh fruit or jelly for pudding.


We usually have a bit of quiet time together reading stories before beginning the bath and bedtime routine. Imogen loves stories with different textures, sounds, pop ups and flaps.


Before bed, Imogen will have her obligatory bedtime bath, complete with bubbles and bath toys, which might possibly be her favourite time of day (big water fan here!). She loves playing with the plastic bath animals and sea creatures that squirt water and also enjoys reading her bath book.

Often Imogen’s daddy does bath time as he’s home from work and it’s a chance for the two of them to spend some quality time together. This gives me a chance to tidy away all the toys and remnants of dinner! 


By this point, she’s usually getting a little fussy and might scream her head off whilst you get her dry (although often calms down for the baby massage!). She’s definitely tired by this point, especially if she’s had short daytime naps, so we quickly put a clean nappy and sleepsuit on, and then I give her a 7oz bottle. Imogen usually falls asleep in my arms towards the end of the bottle and then I transfer her into her cot and zip her into her sleeping bag, keeping everything crossed I won’t see or hear from her until 7am the next morning!

So there you have it – Imogen’s 10 month old routine! I hope you all enjoyed reading and seeing a snippet into our day to day life. Remember, though, that all babies grow and develop at different rates. Do not worry if your little one doesn’t match this pattern or routine exactly!