Making Bath Time Fun with @_islajune

Toddler | Development | | Laura

It’s fair to say that bath time can go one of two ways for little ones. While some love the water, others aren’t so keen on it. We spoke with Laura from @_islajune about how she makes her little one’s bath time fun, every time...

With bath time I think that little ones either love it or hate it. For the first year of her life Isla absolutely hated bath time with a passion. As soon as she could walk, she would run off at the sound of the bath taps being turned on - it was that bad! Isla is now 2 and loves bath time so I thought I would share with you some of the tips that helped make bath time that little bit easier along the way.

Although Isla is 2 I still bath with her and have done since she was born, I just find it so much easier than leaning over the tub, especially as I’m currently 6 months pregnant and my bump seems to get in the way of everything! My other half often works late and isn’t home until Isla is asleep so I found that by bathing with her it meant that I can also get a bath and then focus on the bedtime battle. Bedtimes in my house with a toddler who doesn’t like to sleep can take 1-2 hours so it means that after Isla was asleep, I can relax and have time to myself which is so needed as a mum!

I found a good way to get Isla to enjoy bath time was to include toys – I try and buy the ones without the holes in the bottom as they can grow mould inside or if I’m struggling to find ones without the holes I will use a glue gun to close the hole up – they last much longer that way and you don’t have to worries about nasties! Now she’s older we have the foam letters that stick to the bath tiles and she loves practicing her alphabet with them and they are easy to take down and put away after her bath.

When Isla was about 18 months we discovered Hipp’s clean & green bubbly bath hippo. It’s a bubble bath and not only does it make lots of bubbles it also turns the bath water green! If Isla is having a day where she really doesn’t want to get in the bath I will add it to the water and turn it green and then Isla’s interested and straight in the bath! It smells lovely and we actually used it in the paddling pool last summer and she loved it!  

We also discovered the bath song from Little Baby Bum on YouTube which Isla loves to sing and act out the actions too! I will wash her first and then give her the sponge with some soap on and let her act out the actions while washing herself – she loves to be independent so loves to do this. Isla’s desire to be independent has peaked since she was 2 and we let her use her step to get in to the bath under close supervision and since doing this we have found she’s more happy to go in the bath than if we pick her up and place her in.

The last piece of advice I would give, is that whether you have a baby or toddler, preparation is the key! I make sure the towel, moisturiser and pjs are already in a pile for after the bath and I keep to the same routine each night. It definitely helps Isla to know what is coming and has helped us to settle into a routine where bath time is no longer a battle.

These are the tips I have learnt over the last 2 years and since using them it has definitely helped Isla enjoy bath time. It’s such an important part of the day and the more relaxed it is the better in the run up to bedtime! I hope these little tips help you and your little ones settle in to and enjoy bath time.