Outdoor craft ideas for entertaining toddlers by @that.makes.six

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I think we can all agree that in the last year walks and getting outside have become a huge part of all our daily lives. This is great but repeating the same activities get a little old.

So when HiPP Organic got in touch and asked me to suggest some outdoor craft ideas for toddlers I couldn’t wait to jump right in.

I’ve always been eager to reuse items you can find in the house and generally keep things as eco-friendly as possible. This also has the advantage of being super cheap and affordable for anyone to do.

As a mum of six, with two toddlers, I’ve really experienced how hard it can be to keep little ones excited about another walk or another trip to the woods. So, I hope these really simple but fun ideas will make your next trip more exciting. HiPP has just launched a new range of organic snacks that you can take along for the adventure too.

Cardboard flower press

What I love most about this is that it’s re-usable and you can make so many of them in different sizes. My oldest daughter Isabelle is nine and she makes a much bigger one simply made from a bigger box.

You want to cut two pieces of card - I find thicker corrugated card you usually get in parcels to be best. Make one a couple of centimetres smaller then fold them in half creating your book shape wedging the smaller in the middle.

For the area in-between each piece of card you need some type of paper - parchment paper, baking paper, newspaper, tissue paper, pretty much anything will work. You can glue it down if you’re worried about little hands tearing it or it is blowing away, but simply folding it will work too.

I poked a hole on the back page and tied a long piece of string through. You could use twine, ribbon or even a shoelace – really anything you have to hand. When you’ve picked your flowers or leaves simply pop in your book, close and wrap the string around tightly. Leave for a few days and ‘ta da’ pressed flowers. The options are endless for things you can then do with them.

DIY nature board

I adore how simple this is and how easy to do. Again, using old pieces of card – you can even use a cereal or shoe box, simply poke holes through at opposite ends, securing round your string or laces.

Add small pegs or clips to the string. For older toddlers you could even add coloured circles for them to find things that match the colour, especially browns, reds, greens etc.

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